bolas de bingo

Bingo balls

We are manufactures of pneumatic bingo ball sets, authorized by law since 1979. Our field of activity is only devoted to do this product.

According to the Spanish law, we are certified both by the State bodies home office, the national gambling bureau and the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY – AND BY THE AUTONOMUS GOVERNMENTS.

➲ We are looking for local representatives

In order to offer better service, we are incorporating representatives in all countries, if you are interested in selling our products please contact us and we will detail our conditions.

➲ Approved by the Ministry of Interior As is required we are accredited by the Ministry of Interior-National Gaming Commission (27-06-1979 and 23-10-1997), and Ministry of Industry for the whole of the Spanish State, in addition to the Autonomous Governments of those communities that request it.

They are delivered sealed, with the technical and legal requirements.


DIMENSIONS: 38mm +-1,5% error margin.
WEIGHT: 2,5grs. +-5% error margin
NUMBER: Since over 1 cm. It repeats itself 12 times on the white surface of the ball.

Accredited by the Ministry of Interior-National Gaming Commission, and Ministry of Industry.


Our motto is quality, and we do not accept that price plays against our aim.
Like you Tajusa thinks that the ball set are of vital importance for you business therefore we encourage you to never let the price guide your decision in detriment of the quality.


The VHERMI brand has been registred by TAJUSA since the year 1979.